Reviews of the workbook

“I taught all skills for our Emergency Response Team. I researched every skill that I taught. During this I have bought just about every book on land navigation. Hands down Navigation Anyplace Wild is the absolute best book on navigation!!! I highly recommend it to anyone who spends time in the outdoors. It could save your life !!!!!!” – Review by: Michael Richards

“Navigation Anyplace Wild is a must read for anyone who regularly ventures into wilderness areas with the responsibility of getting a group of fellow adventurers back home safely. It is certain to become a standard reference work on wilderness navigation and prescribed reading for trainee navigators in southern Africa.” – Review by: David Gay – Mountain Backpackers Club

“…All the navigation information I require is in here – no other resource is required. I am a better navigator and better navigation teacher thanks to this text. I know of no other book of this kind in this country.” – Review by: James M Bowen, Department of Emergency Medical Care & Rescue

“…an invaluable teaching aid for outdoor instructors and Geography teachers…this book is an excellent product, condensing virtually everything one would want to know about navigation in our mountains, into one, user friendly, volume, and I, for one, will refer to this book often in the future.” – Review by: Richard Behne as published in SA Mountain magazine issue no. 19 December 2006

“It is never easy to create and write anything and it is even more difficult to put a concept like navigation across in an easy-to-read format that anyone will understand. “Navigation Anyplace Wild” comprehensively covers the subject of navigation with practical tips, appropriate illustrations and concise text. The Test Your Knowledge questions at the end of each section add value to this manual.

Mention the word “navigation” to most people and they’ll profess incompetence immediately. Oddly, it really is quite easy to navigate if you a) follow basic principles and b) know where you are at all times. You address these basic principles clearly in the sections that deal with maps, scale, map features, terrain interpretation and compass use. With just these tools you’re well on your way to staying found.

The sections on “Restricted Visibility Navigation” and the many practical outdoor tips add value to this manual. This manual would be treasured by youth (scouts, guides), hikers, outdoor instructors, adventure racers and guides.  As a colorful, well-presented manual it would also wonderfully complement a school geography class; then perhaps more children will find map and compass work less daunting?” Review by: Lisa de Speville – Adventure Racing –

“I had the original version of Andrew’s navigation workbook and found it a tremendous resource for both myself and my mountaineering students. The new, updated version of the workbook is even better; offering some of the most comprehensive, concise and clear information available on the topic and the only up-to-date book of its kind.
The workbook format is very functional ensuring that you fully understand each chapter before moving on to the next. This book is a most valuable resource for mountaineering instructors, teachers, adventurers and anyone needing to navigate in the wildernessReview by: Walther Meyer, Venture Forth International

“Finally there is a comprehensive Navigation Workbook that can be applied to local conditions. I found the book easy to use and had a level of progression and incremental stages of learning that catered for the complete novice. The chapter evaluation sheets were topically relevant and is a useful method to test the knowledge of the students after each chapter. The book is a phenomenal piece of work and covers all aspects of teaching navigation and more.” Review by: Trevor Johnston – Program Director – Educo