Navigation Anyplace Wild

Do you doubt your ability to use a compass and find your way? Had difficulty in poor visibility? Navigated without the use of a Global Positioning System (GPS)? Ever studied your wilderness maps and realised there are many things it refers to you don’t know much about? Ever got confused as to which path to take or direction to walk in? Then you need “Navigation Anyplace Wild” and introduction to navigating outdoors.

Navigation Anyplace Wild” is a workbook all about navigation skills gaining great reviews which completely covers the subject with many practical outdoor tips. It has appropriate illustrations and concise text. It includes a set of ‘Test Your Knowledge’ questions at the end of each chapter and comes with a separate map for use with some of the exercises. Additional maps can be downloaded from this site from the downloads link.

Topics covered include route planning, an introduction to what is ‘direction’, safety issues when navigating outdoors, navigational tools we use to navigate and navigational skills, as well as restricted visibility navigation for when we are in thick mist, snow or darkness. There is even a section on improvised navigation for those caught out in a survival situation.

The emphasis is on the introduction of basic navigational tools and methods and people who have never used a map and compass before. You will find the training easy to follow. It also includes extensive theory for more serious readers who want to know more to equip themselves for travel in difficult conditions. The workbook was developed during many years of training  outdoor navigators so has been adapted to accommodate the learning abilities of a wide range of users.

Screenshots of a few pages from the book:


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